She is not Jayalalithaa’s ‘secret daughter’!

Following the death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, there have been several reports in the media doing rounds that there is a son was born to Jayalalithaa and her co-star in Telugu late Shoban Babu. And a daughter was born to Jaya and M G Ramachandra. Moving a step forward, a media outlet published a picture claiming that person in the image was daughter of Jayalalithaa who is now staying in the United of America. The media also claimed that Jayalalithaa secretly provided shelter to the woman in America.

Now there seemed to be some clarity over the image. The woman who made the headlines is not Jayalalithaa’s daughter. A prominent singer and dubbing artiste Chinmayi Sripada gave clarity over the photo. She said the woman in the photo is Divya Ramanathan. “I received these photographs attached with ridiculous ‘news’. The couple in the photograph are known to my family and they belong to an illustrious family of classical musicians. This rumour has been propagated long enough for even Google image search to return with similar results. Like they say, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes ‘truth’. Please, please stop sharing ridiculous ‘news stories’ created clearly as a figment of the imagination of an unstable mind. She belongs to the family of renowned Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji. When he is not busy with concerts he is a part of the web series called ‘Husbanned’. If people were half as interested in investing the time sharing whatsapp forwards into being better citizens, our country would be way better [sic],” Sripada said.

She even told the media that there is no relation between Jayalalithaa and woman being interpreted as her daughter. Divya, who came from a traditional music family, is living with her husband in Australia. Chinmayee found fault with the media outlet for publishing new without verifying facts.


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