Shraddha Kapoor is Dawood’s sister!

Veteran actor Shakthi Kapoor’s daughter, Shradda Kapoor have gained fame after the blockbuster, ‘Aashiqui-2’. Later she bagged good number of hits and acted with many young heros. Now, she has become the hot topic of Bollywood. Shradda signed for a role, that made her stand in the news. Shradda gave a green signal to play the sister role of international don Dawood Ibrahim. 
The character really exists and her real life name is Haseena. The film is a bipoic of Dawood’s sister and it is titled ‘Haseena’. The young beauty is playing Haseena. Now, here comes the interesting news. Usually, makers rope in some unpopular faces to play the young aged sequence in biopics. But in this case the young age is shown for nearly half an hour, which made the makers to doubt about an unpopular face’ performance in portraying the role aptly for a considerable duration. While the makers are tensed, finding it difficult to search for the one who suits to portray Haseena’s young age (15 years age), Shradda came forward to be the solution. 
Yes, Shradda agreed to play Haseena, starting from her young age to almost 50 years of age. The makers got stunned with Shradda’s guts and she is getting ready to play the most challenging role of her career. The team is planning to use prosthetics on Shradda to portray aged Haseena and on the other hand Shradda need to be on diet to manage to look young. 
So, we need to wait for at least an year to see Shradda in this role. Should see how far she can satisfy the audience with her performance. All the best Shradda.


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