Smriti Irani’s decreasing educational qualifications!

Smriti Irani admits to not completing B Com degree in her latest election affidavit.Education is not compulsory for politics but all of us  have seen how much it is coveted by our politicians. With or without degrees, they show no hesitation in supplying false information in their election affidavits.  Smriti Irani, present central minister  for Information and Broadcasting as well as Textiles, beats many in her various claims and false affidavits . Giving false information in affidavit is subject to legal offence.

Giving false information in affidavit is subject to legal offence

In her latest election affidavit, contesting for the Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat, Smriti Irani has finally accepted that she has not completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree. In the light of her previous affidavits in 2004,2012 and 2014, she is now accepting her old claims as lies.

While unsuccessfully contesting for the Lok Sabha in 2004, she had claimed to have done her B.A. in 1996 from Delhi University. But when she filed her nomination for the Rajya Sabha in 2012, she claimed that she had done her B.Com part-I in 1994”.

In her 2014 election affidavit for the Lok Sabha seat, when she contested against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at Amethi, she had entered, under the education qualifications column, ‘B. Com. Part 1, School of Correspondence, Delhi University, 1994’.

If this is the level of integrity of our so called leaders, even God cannot help us.



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