Standing under the sun for almost 120 days!

Nakshatram released to poor reviews on Friday. Naturality is what that works out almost every time in films. To ensure this artists try out different things. Few learn new skills that they have to portray in the film, whereas few lose weight while few others gained kilos of weight to give that natural look to their character in their films.
Discussing on this, Hero Sundeep Kishan have struggled so much for Nakshatram to that natural look for his character. He almost worked hard for more than a year and a half for this film and almost for about 120 days he stood under the hot sun every day.
Already dusky in colour, Sundeep wanted to look more dark and that is why he choose to stand under the sun and almost run every day in the sunlight.
All this went under the guidance and suggestions of this film director Krishna Vamsi, the sources say. The director took measures ensuring that the character that Sundep Kishan is playing comes out to be natural in the film. But, sadly his hardwork failed to lift up his career as the film failed badly at the box office.


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