TDP leader caught with Rs. 18.5 lakh in Rs. 2,000 notes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision on demonetisation of high denomination currency notes has not only affected the black money hoarders but people from weak section of the society have suffered badly. After waiting in long queues, people are exchanging their notes in banks. But in a shocking incident, a TDP from Anantapur has been caught with currency worth Rs 18.5 lakhs.

A local CI has seen a person suspiciously moving at MG petrol bunk with a bag. The police stopped TDP leader Ravoof from Dharmavaram and asked him to open the bag. To the shock of police, the bag contained all the new Rs 2000 notes.  When asked about the source of money, the TDP leader said it belonged a jewelry shop owner. The police sized the money and handed it over to the IT officially.

The IT officials said it was yet to be ascertained how this TDP leader managed to get such a huge amount in the newly introduced Rs. 2,000 currency notes.


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