TDP leaders dig up road to stop defected YSRCP leader’s bike rally

The turncoat MLAs in Andhra Pradesh have been facing tough times ever since they defected to TDP. TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu might have welcomed them by offering party kanduvas but the local TDP leaders are strongly opposing them.

In a very recent incident, some TDP leaders dug up road to block a bike rally of defected YSRCP MLA. Badvel MLA Jayaramulu, who defected from the YSRCP, wanted to take out a rally as part of Jana Chaitanya Yatra. But TDP leader Vijayalakshmi and municipal chairperson Parthasarathy have reportedly dug up the road and put a JCB on the road to block Jayaramulu’s bike rally.

This made the turncoat MLA shocked and livid. Poor Jayaramulu!. What can he do now? He neither fight with them nor come back to YSRCP.


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