TDP MLA’s sensational comments on beach festival!

Beach festival: TDP male leaders oppose, women leaders support!
TDP MLA Anitha made some sensational comments on ‘beach love festival’ which will be held at Vizag beach coinciding with Valentine’s Day on February 14. While the opposition parties and some section of social activists are alleging that the festival was planned to spoil the image of the city and Indian culture by introducing western culture, Anitha came out in full support of the festival.
She said it’s a common festival to develop tourism section. Stating that Chandrababu loves Indian culture, she advised the Opposition parties to think in a positive way.
” Those who are opposing the beach festival should know that Goa is part of our country. Dance baby dance kind of shows are being conducting in processions related to gods in villages. Will you object them,” she asked.
Interestingly, the male politicians in the TDP are not extending their support to the festival but the woman leaders are coming in support of it.


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