TDP Trying All Tricks To Pamper Nandyal Leaders

Kurnopol: After three years in Power, the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is facing battle of ballot for the first time in Nandyal. And it became litmus test for Chandrababu. It appears that the TDP leaders are playing all the tricks in the box to lure voters.

Kurnool district TDP president Somishetty Venkateswarlu opnely announced that the TDP government would lift the rowdy sheet cases against the leaders who campianed for the TDP in Nandyal bypoll. He made this statement in a meeting held at Nandyal.

It may be recalled here that the Kurnool Police opened Rowdy Sheet against  Bhuma Nagireddy in the past. The cases were also booked against several others. In a bid to lure them, Somishetty assured that the cases will be withdrawn if they support the TDP in the ensuing by election. He further said that the same was discussed with Chandrababu.

He also promised that they will arrange a meeting with Lokesh in Nandyal on this.


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