The young  drug users of Hyderabad

Yesterday, that is on Sunday, July 2nd three drug peddlers were arrested by the Prohibition and Excise officials in Hyderabad. The data that was revealed by their mobile phones, whatsapp messages  is startling to say the least.

High-end narcotic drugs like LSD, Methamphetamine and Ephedrine are mainly bought and used by school and college-going students from affluent families, employees in corporate sector and those in multi-national companies. This has been known for a long time but it was re-confirmed yesterday.

“I had a high with one dot of drug- can I have some more?” This was the Whatsapp message sent by a ninth standard girl studying in a reputed college.

This disturbing trend seen now in all metros is a direct result of the enormous amount of pocket money that rich parents give their children who seek pleasure through addiction.


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