This Is How Nanu Kori Happened

Debutant director Shiva Nirvana says his Telugu romantic-drama “Ninnu Kori”, slated for release on Friday, will be the most emotional film in its lead actor Nanis career.

It’s been Shiva’s long time desire to work with Nani, and he has at different stages over the years envisioned a story for him.

“Even while working as an assistant director, I tried to meet him and pitch stories. Over the years, I must have planned four to five stories with him. A lot of first time directors want to work with Nani because he gives prime importance to the story over anything,” Shiva said.

After a long wait when an opportunity finally arrived, Shiva floored Nani with an impressive script.

“It’s a romantic film about the emotional conflict between the lead characters. This is easily the most emotional film in Nani’s career. But it’s not a sad film. It has a great scope for comedy, but it’s not forced to make audiences laugh,” he said.

“Each character has an emotional and fun side. We have explored both the sides and that’s what makes the story easily relatable,” he added.


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