Too late, too little

PM tells states to crackdown on cow vigilantes in an all party meeting in New Delhi, one day before elections for the post of President of India.“There is an attempt to give communal colour to cow vigilantism and other incidents to politicise the matter, but it will not help the nation,” Modi said.

“Some anti-social elements have made cow protection a medium for spreading anarchy. People involved in disturbing harmony are also taking advantage of it.” He seems to be referring to the opposition but data clearly reveals the involvement of BJP and its family of RSS or the Sangh as directly involved in most cases of mob violence.

Government panel to study cow urine

At the same time, the BJP governmentt has set up a 19-member panel which includes many RSS  members to carry out “scientifically validated research on cow derivatives like urine.” Actions speak louder than words and the BJP government has done precious little in the wake of the increased violence against Muslims and Dalits since it came to power in 2014.  Modi said in a series of tweets. “The cow is treated as a mother and it is an emotive issue, But we have to understand that there are laws governing cow protection and breaking it is not an alternative.”

These half-hearted attempts at reining in the cow vigilantes appears to be too late and too little for the minorities and Dalits who are living in fear of mob violence that can happen anywhere and anytime. And the attacks definitely have a communal colour and are not just anti-social as the Prime Minister will make us believe. He seems to be more worried that this will affect the “image of the country.”



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