Trump’s  first day in office

Donald Trump, who took over as the 45th President of U.S.A  signed an executive order on the first day of his office as President, in which he repealed many parts of the Affordable Healthcare Act, also called the Obamacare, after his predecessor, Barack Obama who introduced it.

Another important development was that the new White House website finds no mention of both Civil Rights or Climate Change, both issues that Trump had no use for, unlike his predecessor.

Millions of women march against Trump

Trump’s first day in office was marked by millions of protesting women who marched on the streets,turning Washington’s National Mall into a sea of pink. “Minority president”, “Women roar” and “I’m afraid” were among the signs waved by the crowd, many wore pink handknit “pussy hats,” a rebuke to the billionaire businessman turned President Trump who was once caught on tape bragging about his ability to “grab” women “by the pussy.”

If  the crowd for the Women’s March was a million, it was at the same time a peaceful protest.It would almost certainly be the largest protest recorded in US history, topping the enormous demonstrations of the civil rights era and against the Vietnam war, which frequently attracted a quarter to half a million people.


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