Udta Hyderabad

Students  of 26 well-known schools and 27 colleges, mostly professional colleges, were buying and using highly addictive drugs. This was revealed after the crackdown and arrest of drug dealers by the Telangana Prohibition and Excise wing last week.

Highly addictive drugs like LSD, Methamphetamine and  Ephedrine have been seized in large quantities and city is now a hotbed for drug abuse.

Analysing  call logs on mobile signals

After examining all data records, text and WhatsApp messages, they  found  a client base of around 1,000. Analysing  call logs and identifying their locations based on mobile signals revealed the widespread abuse of drugs in the city. “Using code words and nicknames, the accused stored data on their clients. We were startled to find schoolchildren to be their customers,” said an officer in the Prohibition and Excise wing.

Apart from students from reputed schools in Hyderabad, the other clients were mainly those working in multinational companies, software firms,event managers and not to forget the people from film industry.


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