Unprecedented crowd at YS Jagan’s public meeting

YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has participated in Nandyal by-poll campaign for the first time on Thursday.An unprecedented crowd erupted in Nandyal town to witness YS Jagan’s speech. The people from every nook and corner of Nandyal and Kurnool have arrived at the SPG grounds.

Speaking at the mammoth gathering at the public meeting, the YSRCP chief said, “We have fielded a candidate as we follow the ethics and this seat was won by our Party and the Chief Minister had blatantly engineered defections and had taken away 21 of our MLAs shamelessly. This by-election should teach Chandrababu Naidu a fitting lesson for his nefarious deeds, he said.

The battle for Nandyal is a fight for righteousness and we are on the right path while Chandrababu Naidu has been misusing official status and machinery and using all his offices but all that will be in vain as people of this region know the truth and are ardent fans of YSR, he said.

This by-poll will be a pre-cursor to the 2019 general elections and all religious texts tell only thing that the good will prevail over the bad.


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