Using Bhuma family’s vulnerability; Naidu scripts yet another disaster 

 Till his death Bhuma Nagi Reddywas in the news for obvious reasons. And now the focus shifted to Nandyala, the constituency he represented in the State Assembly till he breathed his last. The set is vacant now and by-elections will be held in the next few months before mandatory six months’ time expires sometime in September.

In fact the seat belongs to YCP as Bhuma won the seat on YCP ticket and symbol. Though he later shifted loyalties to TDP, as per the EC or Assembly records he belongs to YCP. But the ruling TDP is claims that the seat belongs to it the legislator shifted his loyalties and he is a member of TDL for all practical purposes. And more ironically even before the mourning of the deceased leader is over the ruling party has started moving pawns to grab the seat. And the party President Chandrababu Naidu has already started calculation to select a candidate. And Bhuma Akhila Priya the political heir of Bhuma family and Allagadda legislator is saying that the family left the decision to Chandrababu Naidu and on the  other Akhila Priya by saying that eh people are anxiously waiting to watch the emerging fresh  face from Bhuma family suggesting that from Bhuma  family will be  candidate. But it is evident by her words and deeds since her father’s death, that she is acting Naidu script. She attended the assembly even before the dust from her father’s pyre was not settled and participated in the discussion on her father’s condolence resolution.

The overall picture, clearly suggest that Naidu is not leave the unfortunate family in peace and creating ground where Akhila Priya hurt her eye wither own figure.   


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