Vangaveeti Radha’s Responce To Gowtham Reddy’s Comments

YSRCP leader Gowtham Reddy’s controversial comments against Kapu leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao and his brother Radhakrishna triggered off a a row and resulted in protests across Vijaywada.

Speaking to a local TV channel, Gowtham Reddy called the two brothers ‘snakes’, and said that there was “nothing wrong in killing” the duo.

Gowtham Reddy also said that he would not support Ranga’s son, Radha Krishna, who was part of the YSRCP party.

The police personnel arrested Vangaveeti Radha when the latter  tried to conduct a press conference and responding to Gowtham’s remarks.

Soon after Gowtham Reddy’s comments, YS Jagan suspended him from the party.

Later,  Vangaveeti Radha thanked party YS Jagan for immediately suspending Gautam Reddy. He also accused Gautam for amassing crores of wealth illegally.


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