Venkatesh’s long-time desire fulfilled

Victory Venkatesh admits it has been his long-time desire to do a sports film. His forthcoming Telugu sports drama “Guru” is slated for release on March 31.

“I have always yearned to do a sports film. Not long ago, I was offered a cricket-based subject but it wasn’t convincing enough for me to accept. Though it’s been a long wait to do one, I’m glad I got to do a project like ‘Guru’,” he said.

The 56-year-old sports a salt-and-pepper look in the film. He is happy to have played his age.

“I didn’t wear any make-up. I’m proud to have played my age. When we were shooting in Bheemunipatnam, a lot of people told me that I should continue doing such roles,” he said, adding he decided to do “Guru” because he was bored of the monotony in his career.

The film also stars Ritika Singh as Venkatesh’s protege, a fish-vendor-turned-boxing champion.


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