Vijay Mallya extradition case today, in London

 The extradition hearing of liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya, wanted for fraud and money laundering in India, is scheduled in London today, on Monday,December 4th. Chief Magistrate at Westminster Magistrate’s Court Emma Arbuthnot will hear the case presented by Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of the Indian government.

Mark Summers QC, a specialist in extradition law will lead the case for the prosecution, while Clare Montgomery QC will lead the defence.

Arthur Jail inspection needed to accomodate Mallya?

A definite hindrance in the extradition of Mallya to India will be the condition of Indian jails which is a matter of huge concern to the UK government. Expert sources also feel that if the Indian government refuses to allow jail inspection, the case may go against it.

The case which will be heard the next 10 days will be followed with keen interest in India as Mallya has now become the “poster boy” for all the tax-defaulters of India.



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