Vishnu Manchu’s Tamil Debut Confirmed

Vishnu Manchu, known for being part of films such as “Dhee” and “Rowdy”, is making inroads into Tamil filmdom with upcoming bilingual political thriller “Kural 388”.

The film will also be shot in Telugu.

“The universal concept of the story will appeal to audiences across languages. Hence, we decided to make it as a bilingual. Vishnu is not completely alien to Tamil. When I suggested the idea that we make the film as a bilingual, he was more excited than me,” director G.S Karthik said.

Talking about the film, Karthik said the story will delve more on the voter.

“We want to highlight that a voter is the most important person in a democracy. Unfortunately, he or she rarely gets the due respect. This forms the crux of the story,” he said.

The film’s title is built on the 388th Kural, which talks about everyday virtues of an individual.


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