War over vaastu

Telangana State government plans to demolish secretariat building is gradually booming into major political controversy. The main Opposition party in the State Assembly, the Congress has a filled Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Hyderabad High Court and also petitioned to the Governor Narasimhan urging him to stop demolition plans.

 And it was not a secret that the government decision was motivated by vaastu reasons and the CM himself claimed that the building was not conforming to Vaasthu.

Bu the Advocate General submits to the court saying that secretariat was unsafe due to lack of fire safety measure in place. Interestingly senior Congress leader Jeevan Reddy alleges that the idea was motivated by the Chief Minister’s personnel ambition to see his son KTR his successor. So far, no one succeeded in crowning their son as successor and KCR believes that ‘bad vaastu’ the reason for it hence he wants to raze the present building and construct vaastu conforming building to make his son his successor. 


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