West Godavari may turn into another Nandigram

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan warns after meeting Mega Aqua Food Park victims
Power star and Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan has asked the Andhra Pradesh government to shift the Mega Aqua Food Park from Tundurru village in West Godavari. He warned that if TDP government failed to consider the local agitation for shifting of Mega Aqua Food Park, situations may turn into another Nandigram, where massive agitations took place against the allocation of farmers’ land to TATA’s Nano project in West Bengal.

Jana Sena Chief met the aggrieved farmers who came from West Godavari to his residence in Hyderabad. Pawan Kalyan asked the state government to withdraw the allocation of farmers land to the Mega Food Project. He said that wastage from the industry will lead to pollution of River Godavari. He further requested to shift the project from Tundurru village.

He promised the farmers that he will stand by the victims of Mega Food Park and if the government does not withdraw from Mega Food Park proposal, he will lead the agitation in support of the farmers. Pawan Kalyan has questioned Naidu’s government- “Why is section 144 imposed in the villages for 30 days?”. He further cautioned TDP that it came into power with the help of West Godavari district voters and should keep this in mind before it takes any action on the issue.


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