Where is Najeeb?

His mother meets Kejriwal and is assured of help 

JNU students intensified protests about their student colleague, now missing for 17 days.

najeeb1First year MSc student Najeeb Ahmed has mysteriously disappeared from the Jawaharlal Nehru university after being assaulted by a group of students, seventeen days back.

Students belonging to the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidhya Parishad and student wing of RSS) brutally beat him up and threatened him on the night of 14-15th October. This was witnessed by many students including the hostel warden. Since then Najeeb is missing. No action has been taken whatsoever on the ABVP  by the university authorities which has caused serious agitation by all other students, who are leaving no stone unturned to bring justice to Najeeb.

kejriwalThe muted response in both print and visual media that has surrounded this event is not a surprise. After the JNU got its prime time coverage for the Kanhaiya episode, the ruling party has made sure to give it the least importance by ignoring it in the mainstream media. The official and police version has been the same- instead of initiating action against the culprits for their brutal assault of Najeeb and assuring the family of Najeeb of protection, they are silent. More than silence, a vicious campaign has been circulated against Najeeb in some circles.

Najeeb’s mother, Fatima Nafees, who accompanied by Ahmed’s relatives and a JNU Students Union delegation, met Delhi Chief Minister on Tuesday at his residence.

“I am with you and will do whatever is required to help trace him. It’s a very serious matter and the government will not let you down, and use all its resources available to help you out. I would leave no stone unturned in helping find Najeeb,” Kejriwal assured the delegation.



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