Who is General Dyer?

General Dyer of the British army was responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Punjab in 1919, leaving more than a 1000 unarmed civilians dead.

Dyer is infamous for the orders that he gave on 13 April 1919  and it was by his command that 50 troops opened fire on a non-violent gathering of unarmed civilians, men, women and children, at the Jallianwalla Bagh.

 General Dyer-the “Butcher of Amritsar

Dyer is reported to have made up his mind to punish the civilians  for having assembled there to protest non violently and shouted at his soldiers for initially shooting in the air. “Fire low. What have you been brought here for?” He himself repeatedly fired ,at the crowd where it was thickest.

The official reports quote 379 dead and over 1,000 injured. However, public enquiry estimate that  over a thousand dead on that terrible day. According to a Home report, the number was more than 1,000, with more than 1,200 wounded. Even in his testimony, Dyer showed no regret for killing civilians . The deliberate infliction of these casualties earned him the epithet of the “Butcher of Amritsar.”

Why do the Patidars of Gujarat call Amit Shah ‘General Dyer”?

The  Hardik Patel supporters in Gujarat have been calling Amit Shah as General Dyer as they blame Shah for masterminding the police crackdown on the Hardik Patel group, that had organised a million-strong pro-reservation rally on August 25, 2015. 

On September 9th when Shah visited Gujarat to address party workers in a massive rally that was organized by the local BJP and the present CM , Vijay Rupani,  he was greeted by these posters saying, ‘Gen. Dyer go back.’ As he began his speech, some  Hardik Patel supporters suddenly emerged from the media gallery chanting Jai Patidar, Jai Sardar, and “General Dyer Go Back.and Amit Shah had to suddenly cut short his speech to leave the chaotic venue.


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