Why was Dr. Kafeel Ahmad suspended?

Dr Kafeel Ahmad, the nodal officer of the paediatric department in BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur which witnessed  deaths of nearly 60 children death and 16 adults in last week has been suspended from his duties. He was accused of dereliction of duty and fabricating stories.

He is the second casuality in the government process to blame the tragedy on a few individuals(after suspension of the Principal of BRD Hospital). And it assumes significance in the light of the fact that it was the same paediatrician who had rushed to the hospital in the wake of the mounting deaths , stayed overnight to fight the crisis and personally paid for many oxygen tanks on the fateful  Friday(August 11th).

The Indian Medical Association condemned the action and passed a resolution asking the UP government  to disclose the cause of deaths in three days. The IMA president, Dr K.K.Agarwal also went on record to say, “You cannot suspend doctors because of an administrative failure.”


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