Will there be any effect on movie releases this week?

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s financial surgical stroke creating shock waves, there are doubts about what the fate of the films releasing this week would be.

Two films-Naga Chaitanya’s much-delayed film Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo and Allari Naresh’s Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bayyam are set to release this week. Naga Chaitanya pinned all hopes on this film which was supposed to release last year and postponed several times already.

So, the makers are planning to release it this weekend at any cost. But the the million dollar question is that will the common man shell out money to watch the film or preserve the much needed small cash? Why would anyone spend money on cinema when all the big currency is demonitised?

At a time when the common man will think ten times before spending small cash, will Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo and Dayyam Nakem Bhayyam click at the box office?


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