Will Ram Charan break hero image with Dhruva?

Ram Charan, who awaits the release of Telugu action-thriller “Dhruva”, says he really hopes to break away from hero-centric films and image with the film when it hits the screens worldwide on Friday.

“As an actor, it’s very important to constantly keep changing and reinventing with new stories, and that’s what I’m doing with ‘Dhruva’. I hope I get to break away from the hero image set by my previous films, which were mostly hero-centric,” Ram Charan said.

“Dhruva” is the official remake of Tamil blockbuster “Thani Oruvan”, and it’s directed by Surender Reddy.

Admitting there was some level of tension while working on the project, he said, “Since it’s a remake, it’s quite normal to be tense but, at the same time, we were confident as we believed in the content. I’m hoping the remake will be better than the original.”

How did he handle the pressure of living up to the expectations set by the original?

“I tried to stay as true as possible to my character and even though we haven’t made too many changes to the script, I’ve brought in my own style to make it stand out. The overall experience has been very satisfying and that’s what matters the most,” he added.


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