On world women’s day: Naidu gifts lathi scars to women

On women’s day, when the Chief Minister Naidu delivers his sermons on women empowerment and uplift of the fair sex, the West Godavari district police were busy in thrashing and bow beating women. It may be recalled here that the farmers of West Godavari district were up in arms for quite some time against the proposed aqua park in Tunduru village. And as part of ongoing agitation the farmers led by CPM and YCP leaders called for a rally to high light hazards of Aqua Park with particular reference to women health. But, the district, probably at the instance of higher ups, imposed 144 sections and pressed 1500 strong police force to prevent the agitators move towards Aqua Park and erected barcodes on all the roads that leads to the park.

The police has arrested YCP and CPM leaders and put them under house arrest. Above all, the police gate crashed into the houses and charged lathis on women and dragged them out in a barbaric manner, the leaders said. While the world is celebrating world women’s day, the women in TDP ruled Andhra Pradesh were brutally lathi charged and dragged to the police station, the CPM and YCP leaders alleged and demanded an unconditional apology from the Chief Minister. Meanwhile it may be recalled here that the people were agitating against the Aqua Park for the last three years as they fear it would pollute atmosphere and the water.

The YCP Chief and Opposition leader in the State Assembly Jaganmohan Reddy visited the affected villages and expressed his solidarity to the farmer’s agitation. Of course Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan too visited the affected villages and promised to take up the issue with the Chief Minister. But the government is not prepared to listen to the people who stood solidly behind the TDP in 2014 elections and inviting the ire of the people, the people said.


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