World’s longest serving warship, Viraat decommissioned

The world’s oldest aircraft carrier( in the Guiness book of World records), INS Viraat which is in service with the Indian Navy (served more than 30 years in Indian navy) will be decommissioned at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai on Tuesday. This marks the end of an era of Viraat being the flagship of the Indian Navy. India will finally let go of this Centaur-class carrier, which has spent 30 years in the Indian Navy and 27 years in the Royal Navy.

Plan to sink Viraat and convert it into marine museum

There is a plan by the navy to sink Viraat and convert it into a major tourist attraction for divers.It would be a marine museum. He also said if a buyer is not found for the ship in four months, it will be broken and sold for scrap.


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