Yogi- a star campaigner in Gujarat

Other than the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is busy with election campaigning in Gujarat, ahead of the assembly elections on December 4th and 9th , who else is actively pressed into this crucial prestige battle? Of course the most polarizing of the BJP leaders, Yogi Adityanath!  It must be recalled how he was similarly  used ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections which the BJP won with a thumping majority.

Fight for Surat

Surat is one of the main business capitals of Gujarat, much like Mumbai to India. it has a flourishing  textile industry and also diamond  business. Plus Surat has a large migrant population, mainly from U.P and Bihar. So far, in this election, Yogi has held nearly five public meetings in and around Surat, whose largest commercial entities are owned by Patels.the Patidar community is swaying towards Hardik Patel and the only way to bring them back to JP is by playing a communal card.  And who better than the Yogi who has a  recent win in U.P in his favour and more importantly showing to the rest of the country what majoritarian politics would mean.

Consolidating  the Hindu vote?

In a speech in Pandesara,Surat,  Yogi mocked  Rahul Gandhi  and said that he “sat in the Kashi Vishwanath temple like he was offering namaz.” At another appearance, he said Mr Gandhi is a hypocrite who claims to be a practicing Hindu while his party has “denied the existence of Ram and Krishna.” Only the Yogi can do this “low talk”which the PM cannot from his high pedestal . and we all have seen that this talk always has produced the needed results for the BJP.


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