Youth to Modi- “Accept that your visit to Kashi is being opposed”

 Slowly but surely the common man’s anger against the “notebandi”politics of the ruling government in the name of fighting black money is spilling into the public  sphere.

A youth in Varanasi,in his twenties, going by the name of Abhinav Trivedi, on Thursday, December 22 hurled a pamphlet at the cavalcade of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kashi. What did the pamphlet say?

Anger is simmering just below a calm in this holy city of Varanasi or Kashi where Modi won the assembly election in 2014 against Arvind  Kejriwal. The  government took the sudden decision to invalidate Rs 500 and Rs, 1000 notes on November 8th and people everywhere were left high and dry, with no money or jobs, even in Kashi.

At a closed door meeting with nearly 5,000 party workers(where the media was not allowed), Modi appears to have offered a Rs 21,000 crore ‘package’ to Varanasi in what is being clearly seen as a pre-election meeting in the town. With elections looming large next year in crucial states, especially Uttar Pradesh is figuring prominently in everything that the BJP and its star campaigner, Narendra Modi is doing in the last one year or more.

 What does the pamphlet say?

The PM who was touring this Lok Sabha constituency was surprised in an unpleasant manner. This  pamphlet which is now being circulated widely in social media is severely critical of Modi and his policies. Written in Hindi, this is what it says:

The pamphlet hurled by this youth, calling himself a social worker talks about, “harassment of poor residents of Kashi at the hands of bank officials, lack of action against criminals controlling temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras, appointment of people with dubious character to key posts by the Vice Chancellor of Benares Hindu University and no jobs for the youth here despite announcement of schemes worth billions among others”.

The policemen around the VVIP cavalcade rushed to catch the youth but he managed to run away. Above is the pamphlet he managed to throw at the crowd, raising difficult questions for the ruling government.



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