Pawan’s Hollowness Of Political Knowledge Exposed 

The fresh political statement made by Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan exposed his hollowness of political knowledge. He made a comment that the possibility of TDP Chief N Chandrababu naidu joining hands with YSR Congress Party can not be ruled out.

The Jana Sena leader must have made such controversial statement to explain people Naidu’s opportunistic politics and how he stooped to low for political gains by forging alliance even with his rival parties. But,  Pawan’s attempt to drag YS Jagan and his party is strongly objectionable.  It was YS Jagan who is only fighting against Naidu’s government and stood by people who are facing plights in the state.

Pawan is trying to create an impression through his comment that Jana Sena is stronger than ruling TDP and opposition YSR Congress.  The Jana Sena leader already made an attempt to project himself as Chief Minister by asking people call him as CM at  a public meeting held in Andhra recently.  Pawan is under wrong impression that he will be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

It seems the Jana Sena leader is following the footsteps of Chandrababu who always projected himself as a big leader and senior leader in the country.