Tigress Avni shot dead in Maharashtra

The man eating tigress, Avni, believed to be responsible for the killing of nearly 13 people in the last 2 years was shot dead in Yavatmal district on  2.11.2018, Friday night. The Supreme court in September had given permission for the tigress to be shot at sight.

“Avni was shot dead by sharp-shooter Asgar Ali, son of famous sharp-shooter Nawab Shafat Ali, at compartment no 149 of Borati forest under the jurisdiction of the Ralegaon police station,” a police official said.

Since more than 3 months, forest department officials were planning to catch her with the help of latest technology, trained sniffer dogs, trap cameras, drones and a hang-glider. In the forest of Pandharkawda, the original plan was to nab the tigress alive. However, due to dense forest and darkness, they were unable to do so and finally a bullet was fired which fatally wounded the animal. It was declared dead when taken to Nagpur hospital.