There is neither dharma nor any need for Porata: YSRCP 

Rubbishing the Dharma Porata Deeksha of TDP and the joining of Congress in the jamboree of false pretensions, YSR Congress has said there is neither dharma (righteousness) nor any need for Porata (fight– as it has been on the wrong side of the law all the time) or deeksha ( protest– it is not clear against whom it is venting the ire being the ruling party) but the theatrics have been widely vexed the people of the state, more so the programmes being are conducted with public money.

Speaking to media here on Tuesday party MLA and PAC Chairman Buggana Rajendranath said, ‘ while the role of TDP has been well known for its incessant volte face but the incomprehensible fact is that Congress joining hands with the Party that has taken birth to decimate it and has hurled the choicest epithets against its leadership till recently.

The successive Congress Presidents were called names and TDP’s vehement opposition to the national Party was no secret and was in the open but Chandrababu has opened the doors of opportunism wide through which he ran into their fold as he sneaked into BJP fort or earlier occasions.

The purported deekshas, to be held in all districts as government programmes, would culminate at Amaravathi where in leaders of various political parties including the Congress, will be attending, claims the state which has been using public money for party affairs and the state debt has reached a staggering Rs 1,5 lakh crores, he said.

Dharma or righteousness has evaporated from the TDP governance as the Assembly bulletin even today includes the names of 23 turncoat MLAs as YSRCP members and shamelessly four of them were inducted into the cabinet.