Madhya Pradesh Exit Polls Predict Congress Win

It appears that Congress party likely to form Government in Madya Pradesh. Almost all the exit polls surveys predicted that Congress will form the Government in Madhya Pradesh. BJP ruled the state since 2003.

While ABP News-Lokniti CSDS survey predicted that Congress will get 126 in the 230-member Assembly, the BJP will get 94 and others 10, India Today-My Axis poll predicted a win for the Congress with 104-122 seats while the BJP was predicted to win 102-120 seats. It predicted 1-3 seats for BSP and 3-8 seats for others.

C-Voter exit poll survey also predicted a Congress win in 110 to 126 seats as against the BJP (90- 106 seats). iTV-Neta exit poll says the Congress party may win around 112 seats and the BJP 106. But, Times Now-CNX poll predicted a BJP win with 126 seats and 89 seats for the Congress.