‘118’ Review & Rating

It has been a long time since Kalyan Ram scored a decent hit at the box office. After his ‘Naa Nuvve’ ended up as a disaster at the box office, Kalyan Ram appeared in NTR biopic. Now, he has come up with a suspense action thriller ‘118’. Cinematographer KV Guhan turned director for this movie. Mahesh S Koneru under East Coast productions banner bankrolled this project. Shalini Pandey and Nivetha Thomas romanced Kalyan Ram in this movie. Shekar Chandra composed tunes for the film. The movie carried a good pre-release buzz and has finally made it into the theatres today on March 1st, 2019. Kalyan Ram is hoping to score a hit with this film. Let’s see how far the thriller is going to impress the audience.

Gautham (Kalyan Ram) works with CTV as an investigative journalist. He stays in a resort in the outskirts of Hyderabad twice and both the times, he gets a violent dream of a girl Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas) getting beaten up by some goons. A puzzled Gautham decides to chase the mystery and while he starts the same, he receives a call from Aadhya. Unfortunately, Gautham meets with an accident while talking to Aadhya. What happens then? Who is Aadhya? What is her story? Forms the story of the film.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s commendable performance is an absolute delight to watch. Based on the story, the entire movie revolves around him but the actor has justified his role by delivering his best performance. Shalini Pandey is pretty and promising in this movie. Her captivating performance added more beauty for the film. Nivetha Thomas is truly an asset for the movie. She not only looked beautiful in the movie but also carried her role with energy and elegance. Her performance will definitely leave a mark in the audience. Prabhas Seenu played the character artist role in the film and appears in most of the scenes. He delivered a decent performance. Nasser delivered a terrific performance and will definitely impress the audience. Rajiv Kanakala showcases his versatility as an actor again with this movie. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Production values by Mahesh S Koneru are lavish. The producers have invested decent amounts. Shekar Chandra’s music is just average. Though there are no catchy songs in the film, his BGM is really good. Director KV Guhan did cinematography as well and no need to mention that he has produced some sleek visuals for the film which became one of the major highlights. Editing by Tammiraju is clean and neat.

KV Guhan has proved that his storytelling skills are exceptional and amazing. From the start to the end, the director made sure to engage the audience not only with the entertainment but also with the suspense elements. He has handled the complex script really well. Story-wise, the film has substance but the movie failed when it comes to the execution. The film is intriguing in its own way and also is engaging in pars. But the film lacks the necessary conviction that is required for a long run at the box-office. The makers ignored the logic that actually matters. Hence, the audiences might not accept the film totally. An impressive first half and an average second half makes the film watchable.

Rating: 2/5