Roof collapse in Singareni mine, one trapped under debris

In a tragic incident on Thursday evening, the roof of a mine collapsed in the Singareni collieries. At least one person is reportedly trapped under the debris. Sources said the incident occurred in the Vakeelpalli mine under Godavarikhani RG 2. The roof at 3rd seam, level 66 and 41 dip north caved in.

Sources said that Rapolu Naveen Kumar (28) was trapped under the debris. Onlookers said that a huge chunk of coal fell on him. The boulder that fell on him is of 1.8 metre thickness. Sources also said that another employee NDL Acting operator Kalaveni Satish (31) had a providential escape. However he suffered grievous injuries. He was rushed to the Singareni area hospital. Five more employees working closeby were lucky and did not have any injuries.

The incident occurred ata time when the employees were coming out after completing the duties. This is the second big mining tragedy in Singareni in recent times. The officials have undertaken rescue operations on a big scale.