Pawan Kalyan visits Megha Krishna Reddy’s village

Infra baron and mega industrialist Megha Krishna Reddy hails from Dokiparru village in Krishna district. As he began growing by leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur, Krishna Reddy took special care to develop his village. He strove for laying roads, providing drinking water and supplying gas to every household. Also a prestigious temple for Lord Venkateshwara was constructed.

Currently, Brahmotsavams are being celebrated in the village and Krishna Reddy and his family members are personally monitoring the arrangements. The Krishna Reddy family had a surprise VIP guest for the temple this year. On Saturday, Power Star Pavan Kalyan visited the temple.

The Krishna Reddy family welcomed Pawan Kalyan. This made the rumour mills to into a tizzy and peddle stories of a possible political realignment. However, the truth is that the Mega family and the Mega family have been friends for over 30 years. In fact, Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Megha Krishna Reddy are neighbours in Hyderabad are regularly call on each other on every festive occasion or celebration. The Power Star visited Dokiparru due to this close friendship.

With Pawan Kalyan visiting Dokiparru temple, a large number of Mega fans, film goers and other flocked to catch a glimpse of the film star.