Sai Pallavi benefited from MeToo

Sai Pallavi is one of the professional actors who would never hesitate to make her stand clear. She is bold and also vocal about what she wants.

The actress has been working on a couple of interesting films now and she shared an interesting incident that happened a couple of years ago.

For one of her movies, the director insisted the actress kiss the male lead to which she was hesitant. But, the director still pushed the actors for the same.

The male lead who understood that Sai Pallavi has no interest in it, has told the director they should not do it. The actor asked the director what will happen if she calls their names in the MeToo movement.

Sai Pallavi shared the incident to a media outlet saying that the MeToo movement has helped her in such a manner. The actress is very happy with the progress as an actress in her career right now.